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Site Managers

The Site Manager role is the highest non-technical role available on DKAN sites. Users assigned to this role need a good understanding of how DKAN works, and what administrative actions may be necessary to support the site and its users.

I’m a Site Manager, what do I need to know?#

The role of Site Manager is broad. You’ll have access many parts of the site and will need to know what’s happening at a high level, but typically a Site Manager isn’t dealing with the finer details of content management.

Other roles, like Editors and Content Creators, focus on maintaining high quality data and narrative content that both follow standards as well as engage site visitors. Get more information about different user roles in the People section of this playbook.

As a Site Manager, you build the framework that other roles operate within and build on. With that structure in place, you can focus on the overall experience site visitors have as they navigate your Open Data site. A Site Manager’s objective is to make open data meaningful by reaching citizens and connecting them to the right data at the right time.

What does a Site Manager handle?#

Data and Content

One of the biggest pieces of a DKAN site is of course the data itself. A Site Manager can decide how users can add data and create content, and use special visual tools to showcase the stories and insights gained from datasets.


Data and content management can’t be done alone. Site Managers handle all the users on the site and decide who has access to what. They can also create Groups for organizations, which have even more possibilities for roles and permissions. Build your team to build your site.


Creating new Pages, DKAN Topics, creating Groups, etc. are all forms of structure on a DKAN site. Use these structure types to create a framework for other users to operate within and build upon.